Readme: Known Issues and Roadmap

Known Issues

  1. Time Representation: (OPEN) We currently use a 24-hour selector for times of the day in our Crime and Arrests tools. We plan to convert the selectors to displaying a more traditional time label such as 12AM – 4AM.
  2. Training: (ONGOING) We are working on some screencasts and a webinar schedule to train users about the many functions and capabilities one can use with our existing tools.
  3. Printing Legends: (OPEN) When one creates an image or PDF of various charts, tables, and maps it would be more useful if we would display actual selectors. For instance, printing in a sidebar area that the map, data, or chart was for a certain council district, time range, and license type would help users convey these visualizations better.

Functionality Development items

  1. Search Functionality – (OPEN) we’ll be including a variety of filter and search capabilities allowing users to find data more quickly.
  2. Licensing Application Alerts – (OPEN) We’re developing an email alerting system notifying subscribers whenever new license applications are posted in any designated zip code(s).

If you have a priority need for any functionality or features please let us know!

Completed Items

  1. Licensing Data Updates – our site currently displays the ABC Fiscal Year-End license and application data. We are soon to begin providing updated data each Monday morning, with the most current ABC data released the previous week.
    Resolved: 2018-10-25: From here forward we update the license database weekly. Check back each Monday for the most current data, maps, and charts.
  2. Crime Data: Time Filters – We’re working on more intuitive time-range sliders that will allow any range of times. The current version does not allow one to select times between two days eg. 10pm – 2am.
    Resolution (2018-10-16): As an interim solution, users will find an ‘Hours’ filter allowing for the selection of hours in the day and between two consecutive days. For example, Hour 1 equates to 1am-2am. To view crimes from 11pm – 4am just check 23 (11-12am) and 0, 1, 2, and 3 (12am – 4am).
  3. Crime Data: Council District Filters – We’re adding filters to allow users to build crime reports for individual city council districts.
    Resolution (2018-10-16): This functionality now available. We’ve also added a Neighborhood Council filter for all licensing and crime data (not including the Authorizations data just yet).
  4. Arrest Data – We’re adding another facet of crime data that reflects actual arrests. This dataset includes a large number of DUI and other alcohol-related arrests.
    Resolved: (2018-10-20) The Arrests Data map, data, and chart tool is up and operational. We are working on automating updates so that the data will be near real-time.
  5. ABC Enforcement Data – We’ve built a database of all filed and finalized ABC enforcement actions. You’ll have detailed accusation, decision, and final disposition data. You’ll also have the ability to see all enforcement actions for current licensees on a map.
    Resolved: (2018-10-20) The Enforcement Data tool is up and operational. View a map and data of all enforcement actions for current licensees both filed and finalized from 2014 through the present day. Updates will be made weekly.

Finally, we’re seeking partners to support our development efforts so that we can offer this service on an open-data (free service) basis. If you are interested in seeing this toolkit made available to the entire state of California, and nation, please contact Jerry Hall at 858-344-1104 or here.