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Complete site scan of one address. Can be used for many purposes like assessing the viability of a new license in the area, evaluating a problematic outlet or, to inform authorities as they establish licensing conditions to mitigate community concerns.

Specify a complete street address and then add to cart.

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Report Title
California ABC Outlet Site Scan
This is a complete report of current California ABC Alcohol-Outlet License or Application site.
This report includes maps, data tables, counts, and charts – all illustrating existing licenses, current applications, and ABC Authorizations for alcohol-outlets in the area you select. The report also includes a listing of all area schools and churches.
Geographic Area
Report and Maps reflect data from one California street address. Maps, Charts, and Data will be provided in three distinct geographic sectors including:

  1. A 1000-foot perimeter around the site.
  2. The Census Tract the address resides in.
  3. Any Census Tracts sharing a common boundary with the location’s Census tract.
You will receive the report within three business days from the date of your order.
Report Elements
  1. Map of all Master Licenses by Class (On-Sale, Off-Sale, Non-Retail)
  2. Map of Common Types of Licenses including:
    • Master On-Sale Licenses by Common Type (Type 40, 41, 42, 47, 48, 61)
    • Master Off-Sale Licenses by Common Type (Type 20, 21)
    • Master Non-Retail Licenses by Common Type (Type 1, 2, 23
  3. Map of Master License Applications by Class (On-Sale, Off-Sale, Non-Retail).
  4. Bar Chart of the number of Authorized vs. Actual Licenses & Current Applications
  5. Bar Chart comparing the number all Master Types – illustrating current Licensees & Applications
  6. Data Table of all outlet records and key data points
  7. Listing of all area schools and churches
  8. Keys, Legends, and Glossary page describing all marks and common elements
  9. Licensing, enforcement, and geographic area data-attributions page
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Data, Filters & Sources

Data Filters

  • Current Licenses and Applications are sorted by current Status (e.g. Active, Pending)
  • Licenses and Applications are defined by Class (e.g. On-Sale) and Type (e.g. ‘Type 47: Bona Fide Public Eating Place’)
  • Master licenses are the controlling license, which typically represents an outlet at a unique street address. Non-Master licenses are an additional license that outlet carries and is typically for ancillary services such as a catering license.


  • Alcohol outlet licensing, applications, authorizations and enforcement data is sourced from the California Alcoholic Beverage Control.
  • Geographic mapping data is sourced from multiple federal, state, county, and city sources.
  • All data sources are appropriately cited in each report.
  • We update the licensing database each week so you have the most current data available.

Data Sources
California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Outlet Licensing, Enforcement & Metrics

All license types
Click here to download a printable version of all ABC license types and an ABC common license guide.

US Census – geographic and demographic data

City of Los Angeles – geographic and crime data

Los Angeles County – geographic data

Report Contents & Formatting

These are the various peripheral elements contained in each report:

Universal Keys, Legends, & Glossary

  • Glossary of terms and phrases
  • Map Legends
  • Lists of key codes and definitions
  • Map scale and radius distance indicators

Report Labeling
The report will be labeled with ‘California ABC Licenses, Applications, and Authorizations Report’ or similar
The report date, as well as the date of the underlying ABC data will be clearly indicated.

The delivered report is formatted as a machine-readable (searchable) PDF document.
Maps, charts, and other elements will be a superior resolution for crisp printing.

Legend Content

Legend Elements

Common License Types by Class
Alcohol outlets are typically illustrated on maps by Class such as On-Sale, Off-Sale, and Non-Retail.
We also provide maps that expand the class into individual common license types shown below. For further descriptions of license types see here.

Type 40 Beer – Bar or Tavern
Type 41 Beer & Wine – Restaurant
Type 42 Beer & Wine – Bar, Tavern
Type 47 Liquor – Restaurant
Type 48 Liquor – Bar or Night Club
Type 61 Beer & Wine – Bar, Tavern
Type 20 Beer & Wine Store
Type 21 Liquor Store
Type 1 Large Brewery
Type 23 Micro-brewery
Type 2 Winery

Licensing Terminology
License – unique outlet ID number
Type – alcohol sales & environment
Class – common license type groups
Master – main outlet license type
Dupe – non-master use in outlet
Conditions – special mandatory terms
Address – outlet location
Tract – 2010 Census tract
Common License & Application Status
ACTIVE – fully engaged license
REV – revocation
SUPEND – suspended
PEND – pending
SUREND – license surrendered
R64B – license issued and held
REVPEN – revocation pending
SLMSHD – special hold
Enforcement Terminology
Charges – accusation against outlet
Cleared – final ABC action taken
POIC – fine in lieu of penalties
Rev. Stayed – penalty probationed
Waived – penalty summarily dismissed
Agency – reporting law enforcement

Licensing & Feedback

Licensing and Feedback
The report is licensed under Creative Commons by 4.0.
A discrete PourSafe attribution will be placed on each element or page as appropriate.

Please feel free to share your feedback how we can better serve you, or improve how we communicate through the PourSafe website or reports.