About Arrest Data

Arrest data in this tool was obtained from the Los Angeles Police Department through the city’s Open Data portal here:

The LAPD categorizes Arrests. We have displayed here all the data in these categories:

13. Prostitution/Allied
14. Sex (except Rape/Prostitution)
15. Prostitution/Allied
16. Narcotic/Drug Laws
17. Liquor Laws
18. Drunkeness
19. Disturbing the Peace
20. Disorderly Conduct
22. Driving Under the Influence
23. Moving Traffic Violations
24. Miscellaneous Other Violations

Location coordinates were provided in the original dataset.

Support Documents
Find various code descriptions in this document: MO CODES (Numerical) Updated 7/18/2018.

Dataset Modifications
We did not alter any of the over 1.2m records in this dataset. However, we did add some columns to help us communicate this information more clearly. This includes a columns that hold:

  1. a column storing the 'location_1' data separated into 'lat' and 'lon' columns
  2. a 'geom' column to help with geospatial identification
  3. a 'prem_council' column to store existing council district number (joined with district polygons)
  4. a 'prem_neighborhood_council' to store the existing Los Angeles Neighborhood Council name (joined with district polygons)
  5. a 'census_2010' column to store CENSUS Tract (2010) polygon information for reported crimes

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