About Us

chart-computer_300-150We are a small team focused on big results. Advocates, community leaders and data enthusiasts focused on a single goal – to eliminate negative alcohol-related impacts on our communities.

Now, community and civic stakeholders have contemporary tools to better understand their local alcohol-outlet licensing and enforcement picture and how it relates to local crime contexts. We also champion best policies and practices that have helped other communities. From small independent community groups to elected leaders, more informed stakeholders make safer communities.

Our aim is to collect and aggregate the data, build the tools, and develop a comprehensive communication-focused portal – all so you can focus on making better policy – cognizant of the balance between safe and thriving business and the public safety needs of our local neighborhoods.

We look forward to your feedback on how we can make PourSafe a better resource for your community!

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Bar Consumer Survey – Responsible service?

To learn more about bar-patron drinking behaviors and drink-service practices, researchers observed and tested the blood-alcohol-content of over one-thousand patrons, as well as tracking the number of drinks servers provided …